Great Books for Musicians

Beeching -  Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music

Bosler, Greene, Tesar - College Prep or Musicians

Bradberry and Greaves - Emotional Intelligence 2.0


Bruser – The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart

Catmul - Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration

Clear - Atomic Habits

Colgrass - My Lessons with Kumi

Conable – What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body: The Application of Body Mapping to Making Music

Coyle – Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How

Colvin – Talent is Overrated

Cron and Stabile - The Road Back to You

Cutler – The Savvy Musician: Building a Career, Earning a Living and Making a Difference

Cutler - The Savvy Music Teacher: Blueprint for Maximizing Income & Impact

Dyer - You'll See It When You Believe It: The Way to Your Personal Transformation


Galway - Inner Game of Tennis

Gladwell - Blink - The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

B. Green - Inner Game of Music

D. Greene – Audition Success

D. Greene – Fight Your Fear And Win 7 Skills for Performing Your Best Under Pressure

D. Greene - Performance Success

Kaplan – Practicing for Artistic Success

Kleinhammer and Yeo – Mastering the Trombone

Klickstein – The Musician’s Way: A Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness

Leonard – Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment


Mack – Mind Gym – An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence

Maltz - Pscyho Cybernetics

Marshall - The Brave Athlete: Calm the F*ck Down and Rise to the Occasion 

Mass – Power Sleep

McGill - Sound in Motion

Medcalf - Chop Wood Carry Water

Nelson – Also Sprach Arnold Jacobs

Olson - The Slight Edge

Ratey - Spark - The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain

Ricker - Lessons From A Street-Wise Professor: What You Won’t Learn at Most Music Schools

Ristad – A Soprano on Her Head

Tolle - The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Waters - Beyond the Practice Room - Making Music in the Modern Age

Werner – Effortless Mastery: Liberating the Master Musician from Within


Westney – Perfect Wrong Note – Learning to Trust Your Musical Self 

Wooten - The Music Lesson

Tenor Trombonists
Nicole Abissi
Roy Agee

Joseph Alessi

John Allred

Clifton Anderson

Ray Anderson

Alisha Ard

Haim Avitsur
Brett Baker

Jen Baker

Chris Barber

Roland Barber

Shannon Barnett
Ron Barron

Peter Bassano

Mark Bassey

Rich Begel

Christopher Bill

Sam Blakeslee

Josh Bledsoe

Norman Bolter

Luis Bonilla

Bryan Bourne

Ian Bousfield

Per Brevig

Bob Brookmeyer

Josh Brown

David Bruchez-Lalli

Heather Buchman

Tom Burge

Sam Burtis

Jessica Butler

Mitch Butler

Monique Buzzarte

Gunhild Carling

Mattis Cederburg

Chris Clark

Andy Clausen

Abbie Conant

Tim Coffman

Natalie Cressman

Hal Crook

Michael Davis

Michael Dease

Joe Dixon
Brad Edwards

Peter Ellefson

Tom Ervin

Robin Eubanks

Bruce Faske

John Fedchock

Alan Ferber

Nicola Ferro

David Finlayson

Nick Finzer

Mark Fisher

Carl Fontana

Luis Fred
Jay Friedman

Andrew Friedrichs

Curtis Fuller

Wes Funderburk

Matthew Gee

Cristian Ganicenco

David Gibson

Marshall Gilkes

David Gonzalez

Wycliffe Gordon

Barry Green

Urbie Green

Nick Grinder

John Grodrian

Shannon Gunn

Craig Harris

Scott Hartman

Joshua Hauser

Conrad Herwig

Mark Hetzler

Kevin Hicks
Tim Higgins

Ross Holcombe

Matthew Hoormann

Maureen Horgan

Thomas Horch

Brad Howland
Chris Houlding

Andy Hunter

Stafford Hunter

Lauren Husting

Alex Iles

Justin Isenhour

Jason Jackson

Carol Jarvis

Will Jaxx

Joseph Jefferson

Philip Jones

Megumi Kanda

Alan Kaplan

Alistair Kay

Bob Kehle

Will Kimball

Zoltan Kiss

Darren Kramer

Sebastiaan Kemner

Michael Lake

Rodney Lancaster

Nils Landgren

Nick Lane

William Lang

Stephen Lange

Massimo LaRossa

Nick Laufer

Mark Lawrence

Wes Lebo

Carl Lenthe

Achilles Liarmakopoulos

Christian Lindberg

Aubrey Logan

Andrew Malloy

Albert Mangelsdorff

Natalie Mannix

Karen Mari

Delfeayo Marsalis

Karen Marston

Andy Martin

Philip Martinson

Jacques Mauger

Anthony Mazzocchi

Bob McChesney

Rob McConnell

Ian McDougal

Pete McGuinness

Glen Miller

James Miller

Grachan Moncur

Justin Moore

James Morrison

Sarah Morrow

Craig Mulcahy

Michael Mulcahy

Ed Neumeister

Matt Niess

Mark Nightingale

James Nova

Toby Oft

Sarah Paradis

Paul the Trombonist

David Phy

Michael Powell

Jim Pugh

Jonathan Randazzo

Phil Ranelin

Gareth Roberts

John Romero

Matthew Russo

Brian Santero

Brian Scarborough

Will Scharen

Michael Seltzer

Scott Shelsta

Brad Shigeta

Trombone Shorty

Rick Simerly

Branimir Slokar

Tim Smith

Dale Sorensen

Weston Sprott

Peter Steiner

Milt Stevens

Amanda Stewart

Dee Stewart

Mike Svoboda

Jack Teagarden

Katie Thigpen

Will Timmons

Trombone Shorty

Alain Trudel

Steve Turre

Jorgen Van Rijen

Matt Vaughn

Ximo Vicedo

David Vining

Sophie Volpe

Chris Washburne

Harry Waters

Fred Wesley

Jiggs Whigham

Jonathan Whitaker

Scott Whitfield

Roy Wiegand

Steve Wiest

Colin Williams

Jamie Williams

Kai Winding

Gordon Wolfe

Ko-ichiro Yamamoto

Larry Zalkind

Nathan Zgonc


US Orchestras


Akron Symphony

Alabama Symphony

Albany Symphony

Allentown Symphony

Ann Arbor Symphony

Arizona OperaAtlanta Ballet

Atlanta Opera

Atlanta Symphony

Austin Symphony
Baltimore Symphony

Binghamton Philharmonic
Boston Symphony

Boulder Philharmonic
Buffalo Philharmonic

California Philharmonic

Canton Symphony

Charleston Symphony
Charlotte Symphony

Chattanooga Symphony
Chicago Lyric Opera
Chicago Symphony
Cincinnati Symphony
Cleveland Symphony

Colorado Springs Philharmonic
Colorado Symphony
Columbus Symphony

Dallas Opera
Dallas Symphony

Dayton Philharmonic

Delaware Symphony
Detroit Symphony

Duluth Superior Symphony

Eastern Connecticut Symphony

East Texas Symphony

El Paso Symphony

Elgin Symphony

Erie Philharmonic

Eugene Symphony

Flint Symphony
Florida Symphony

Fort Wayne Symphony
Fort Worth Symphony

Fresno Philharmonic

Glimmerglass Opera
Grand Rapids Symphony
Grant Park Symphony

Green Bay Symphony

Harrisburg Symphony

Hartford Symphony
Hawaii Symphony

Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

Houston Ballet

Houston Grand Opera
Houston Symphony

Huntsville Symphony

Indianapolis Symphony

Illinois Philharmonic
Jacksonville Symphony

Kalamazoo Symphony
Kansas City Symphony
Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra

Knoxville Symphony

Las Vegas Philharmonic

Lexington Philharmonic

Lincoln Symphony

Long Beach Symphony

Long Island Philharmonic

Los Angeles Opera
Los Angeles Philharmonic
Louisville Orchestra

Madison Symphony

Memphis Symphony
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Michigan Opera Theatre

Milwaukee Ballet
Milwaukee Symphony

Minnesota Opera
Minnesota Orchestra

Monterey Symphony
Nashville Symphony

Napa Valley Symphony
National Symphony

New Haven Symphony
New Jersey Symphony

New Mexico Philharmonic
New York City Ballet Orchestra
New York City Opera Orchestra
New York Philharmonic

New West Symphony
North Carolina Symphony

Oakland East Bay Symphony

Omaha Symphony

Orchestra Iowa
Oregon Symphony
Orquesta Sinfonica de Puerto Rico

Pacific Symphony

Palm Beach Opera

Pasadena Symphony
Philadelphia Orchestra
Phoenix Symphony

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

Pittsburgh Opera
Pittsburgh Symphony

Portland Opera

Portland Symphony

Reading Symphony

Rhode Island Philharmonic

Richmond Symphony
Rochester Philharmonic
Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra
San Antonio Symphony
San Diego Symphony
San Francisco Ballet Orchestra
San Francisco Opera
San Francisco Symphony
St. Louis Symphony

Santa Barbara Symphony

Santa Rosa Symphony

Sarasota Orchestra

Shreveport Symphony

South Bend Symphony

Southwest Florida Symphony

Spokane Symphony
Symphony Silicon Valley


Tacoma Symphony

Toledo Symphony

Tri-Cities Opera

Tucson Symphony

Tulsa Opera

Utah Symphony
Virginia Symphony
Washington National Opera Orchestra

West Virginia Symphony

Wichita Symphony

Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra


University Music Programs in the US

These are programs with whom I am familiar. Please contact me to add a university that I left off the list - thank you!


University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL)

          Dr. Jonathan Whitaker, trombone

          UofA Trombone Studio

         Dr. Jeremy Crawfordtuba/euphonium



Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ) 

          Dr. Brad Edwards,trombone

           ASU Trombone Studio

           Dr. Deanna Swoboda, tuba/euphonium

Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ ) 

          David Vining, trombone/euphonium

          NAU Trombone Studio

          Genevieve Clarkson, tuba/euphonium


University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ) 

          Moisés Paiewonsky, trombone

          UA Trombone Studio

          Dr. Matt Tropman, tuba/euphonium



Arkansas State University (Jonesboro, AR)

          Dr. Bruce Faske, trombone

          ASU Trombone Studio

          Dr. Ed Owen, tuba/euphonium

University of Arkansas (Fayetteville, AR)

          Dr. Cory Mixdorf, trombone

          Benjamin Pierce, tuba/euphonium

University of Central Arkansas (Conway, AR)

          Juston Cook, trombone

          UCA Trombone Studio

          Dr. Gail Robertson, tuba/euphonium



California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, CA)

          Matt Barbier, trombone

          Doug Tornquist, tuba/euphonium


California State University, Fullerton (Fullerton, CA) 

         Michael Hoffman, trombone

         Phil Keen, trombone/euphonium

         David Holben, tuba


California State University, Long Beach (Long Beach, CA)    

          Kyle Covington, trombone

          John Lofton, bass trombone    

          Bob McChesney, jazz trombone

          Bill Reichenbach, trombone/bass trombone

          Steve Trapani, trombone/bass trombone/euphonium

          Gabriel Sears, tuba/euphonium

          John Van Houten, tuba/euphonium


California State University, Northridge (Northridge, CA) 

          Andrew Malloy, trombone

          Phil Keen, euphonium

          P. Blake Cooper, tuba


The Colburn School (Los Angeles, CA) 

          Mark Lawrence, trombone

          Norman Pearson, tuba

San Diego State University (San Diego, CA) 

          Dr. Eric Starr, trombone

          Brent Dutton, tuba/euphonium     


San Francisco Conservatory of Music (San Francisco, CA)            

          John Engelkes, bass trombone

          Timothy Higgins, trombone

          Mark Lawrence, trombone

          Paul Welcomer, trombone

          Jeffrey Anderson, tuba

          Peter Wahrhaftig, tuba

University of California, Davis (Davis, CA)

          Bruce Chrisp, trombone

          Scott Choate, tuba

University of California, Irvine (Irvine, CA)

           David Stetson, trombone

          Fred Greene, tuba

University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA) 

          James Miller, trombone

          Aubrey Foard, tuba/euphonium


University of the Pacific Consevatory of Music (Stockton, CA) 

          Stephen Perdicaris, trombone

           Scott Choate, tuba/euphonium


University of Redlands (Redlands, CA) 

          Dr. Andrew Glendeningtrombone

           Scott Sutherland, tuba/euphonium


University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA) 

          Terry Cravens, trombone

          Andy Martin, jazz trombone

           Norman Pearson, tuba

          Jim Selftuba



Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO)

          Dr. Terry Leahy, trombone

          Stephen Dombrowski, tuba/euphonium


University of Colorado (Boulder, CO) 

          William Stanleytrombone

          UofC Trombone Studio

          Michael Dunn, tuba/euphonium


University of Denver (Denver, CO) 

           Scott Bean, trombone

           Kathleen Brantigan, tuba/euphonium

           Warren Deck, tuba

University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, CO) 

           John Siphertrombone     

          Dr. Nathaniel Wickham, trombone/euphonium

           Jason Byrnes – tuba



The Hartt School (West Hartford, CT) 

          Haim Avitsur, trombone            

          James Jackson III, euphonium

          Scott Mendoker, tuba/euphonium


University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)

         Dr. Matthew Russo, trombone

           James Jackson III, euphonium

          Gary Sienkiewicz, tuba

Western Connecticut State University (Danbury, CT)

           Luis Fernando Jiménez, trombone

           Andrew Rodgers, tuba/euphonium

Yale University (New Haven, CT) 

           Scott Hartman, trombone

           Carol Jantsch, tuba



Delaware State University (Dover, DE)

          Dr. Frank Gazda, trombone, tuba, euphonium


University of Delaware (Newark, DE)

          Dr. Bruce Tychinski, trombone

          UofD Trombone Studio

          Brian Brown, tuba/euphonium


Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL) 

           John Drew, trombone

           Dr. Justin Benavidez, tuba/euphonium

University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL)

           Dr. Luis Fred, trombone

          Claude Kashnig, tuba/euphonium

University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)

          Dr. Erik Shinntrombone

          UofF Trombone Studio

          Dr. Robin Sick, tuba/ euphonium

University of Miami (Miami, FL)

          Timothy Conner, trombone

          Dante Luciani, jazz trombone

          Aaron Tindall, tuba/euphonium

University of South Florida (Tampa, FL)

          Tom Brantley, trombone

          Joseph Alvarez, tuba/eumphonium


Columbus State University (Columbus, GA)

          Dr. Bradley Palmer, trombone

          Fylthe Bernard, tuba/euphonium

Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA)

          Dr. William Mann, trombone

          Jason Jonathan Casanova, euphonium

          Eric Bubacz, tuba

University of Georgia (Athens, GA) 

          Dr. Joshua Bynum, trombone

          UGA Trombone Studio

          David Zerkel, tuba/euphonium    



Boise State University (Boise, ID)

          Dr. Sarah Paradis, trombone/euphonium

          Adam Snider, tuba



Depaul University (Chicago, IL)

           Timothy Coffman, jazz trombone

           Mark Fisher, trombone/euphonium

           Charles Vernon, bass trombone

          DU Trombone Studio

           Floyd Cooley, tuba

           Scott Teggetuba

Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) 

          Christopher Davis, bass trombone

          Randall Hawes, trombone/bass trombone

           Timothy Higgins, trombone/bass trombone     

          Michael Mulcahy, trombone/bass trombone

          Douglas Wright, trombone

          Matthew Gaunt, tuba/euphonium

          Gene Pokorny, tuba/euphonium

Roosevelt University (Chicago, IL) 

          Reed Capshaw, trombone

          Jay Friedman, trombone

          Gene Pokorny, tuba

          Charles Schuchat, tuba

University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) 

          Elliot Chasanov, trombone

          Mark Moore, tuba/euphonium


Wheaton College Conservatory of Music (Wheaton, IL) 

     Christopher Davis, trombone



Ball State University (Muncie, IN)

          Dr. Christopher Van Hof, trombone

          Matthew Lyon, tuba/euphonium


Indiana University (Bloomington, IN) 

          Peter Ellefson, trombone          

          Carl Lenthe, trombone/euphonium

          Dr. Denson Paul Pollard, trombone

          Demondrae Thurman, euphonium

          Daniel Perantoni – tuba/euphonium



University of Iowa (Iowa City, Iowa) 

          Dr. Jonathan Allen, trombone

          UI Trombone Studio

          Dr. David Gier, trombone

          John Manning, tuba/euphonium


University of Northern Iowa (Cedar Falls, IA) 

          Dr. Anthony Williams, trombone

          UNI Trombone Studio 

          Dr. Jesse Orth, tuba/euphonium




University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS)  

          Dr. Michael Davidson, trombone

          UK Trombone Studio

          Scott Watson, tuba/euphonium



University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY) 

          Bradley Kerns, trombone

          Dr. Skip Gray, tuba/euphonium


University of Louisville (Louisville, KY) 

          Dr. Brett Shuster, trombone           

          Clinton McCanless, tuba/euphonium



Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA) 

           Dr. Hana Beloglavic, trombone

           Dr. Joe Skillen, tuba/euphonium

University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Lafayette, LA)

          Benjamin Yates, trombone

           Scott Landry, tuba/euphonium




The Peabody Institute of John’s Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) 

          Randall Campora, trombone

          David Murray, trombone

          James Olin, trombone

          Steven Kellner, euphonium

          Velvet Brown, tuba


Towson University (Towson, MD)

          Dr. David Perkel, trombone

         James Hicks, tuba


University of Maryland (College Park, MD) 

          Matthew Guilford, trombone

          Craig Mulcahy, trombone

          Steve Kellner, euphonium

          David Fedderly, tuba




Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA)

          John Faieta, trombone

          Marshall Gilkes, trombone

          Phil Wilson, trombone

Boston Conservatory (Boston, MA) 

          Larry Isaacson, trombone           

          John Faieta, trombone

          Norman Bolter, trombone

          Angel Subero, bass trombone

          Kenneth Amis, tuba


Boston University (Boston, MA)

          Gabriel Langfur, bass trombone

          Don Lucas – trombone/euphonium

          Toby Oft, trombone

          Kenneth Amis, tuba

          Mike Roylance, tuba/euphonium

New England Conservatory (Boston, MA) 

          Norman Bolter, trombone

          Stephen Lange, trombone

          James Markey, trombone

          Toby Oft, trombone

           Mike Roylance, tuba

University of Massachussets Amherst (Amherst, MA)

          Gregory Spiridopoulos, trombone

          Dr. John Bottomley, tuba/euphonium


Michigan State University (East Lansing, Michigan)

          Ava Ordman, trombone

          Michael Dease, jazz trombone

          Philip Sinder, tuba/euphonium


University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI) 

           Dr. David Jackson, trombone

           Fritz Kaenzig, tuba/euphonium


Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI)

            Dr. Steve Wolfinbarger, trombone

           Dr. Jacob Cameron, tuba/euphonium



University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN) 

          Thomas Ashworth, trombone

          Steven Campbell, tuba/euphonium




University of Southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg, MS) 

          Dr. Ben McIlwain, trombone

          USM Trombone Studio

          Dr. Richard Perry – tuba/euphonium

University of Mississippi (Oxford, MS)

          Dr. Micah Everett, trombone/euphonium/tuba




University of Missouri, Kansas City (Kansas City, MO) 

            Dr. JoDee Davis, trombone

            Steve Dekker, jazz trombone

            Thomas Stein, tuba/euphonium



University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Lincoln, NE) 

            Dr. Scott Anderson, trombone           

            Craig Fuller, tuba/euphonium


University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)

            Nathan Tanouye, trombone


Montclair State University (Montclair, NJ) 

            Nicole Abissi, trombone

            Anthony Mazzocchi, trombone

            Colin Williams, trombone

            Derek Fenstermacher, tuba/euphonium

            Kyle Turner, tuba

Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) 

            Dr. Noreen Baer, trombone

            Weston Sprott, trombone   

             Colin Williams, trombone  

             George Curran, bass trombone  

             Aaron VanderWeele, euphonium  

             Alan Baer, tuba


University of New Mexico (Albuquerque, NM)

             Dr. Chris Buckholz, trombone

             Dr. Karl Hinterbichler, trombone/tuba

             Dr. Richard White, tuba



Bard College (Hudson, NY)

              Demian Austin, trombone

              Nicholas Schwartztrombone

              Weston Sprott, trombone

              Derek Fenstermacher, tuba/euphonium


Cornell University (Cornell, NY)

               Melissa Gardiner, trombone

               Justin Chervony, tuba/euphonium


Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester) (Rochester, NY)

             Mark Kellogg, trombone/euphonium

               Larry Zalkind, trombone

             Don Harry,tuba


Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY) 

              Dr. Harold Reynolds, trombone

              Jeffrey Gray, trombone/bass trombone

              William Sutherland, tuba/euphonium


Juilliard School of Music (New York, NY) 

             Joseph Alessi, trombone

             Demian Austin, trombone

             Blair Bollinger, bass trombone

             Per Brevig, trombone

             Elliot Mason, jazz trombone

             Michael Powell, trombone

             John Rojak, bass trombone

             Steve Turre, jazz trombone

             Alan Baer, tuba


Manhattan School of Music (New York, NY)  

             Haim Avitsur, trombone

             David Finlayson, trombone

             David Taylor, trombone

             Per Brevig, trombone

             Stephen Norrell, trombone

             Colin Williams, trombone

             Kyle Turner, tuba

The New School (New York, NY) 

              Demian Austin, trombone

              George Curran, trombone

              Nicholas Scwartz, trombone

              Weston Sprott, trombone              

              David Taylor, trombone

              Alan Baer, tuba


New York University (New York, NY) 

              Per Brevig, trombone

              Thomas Hutchinson, trombone

              John Rojak, bass trombone

              Marcus Rojas, tuba

Purchase College State University of New York (Purchase, NY)            

            John Mosca, trombone

            Jack Schatz, trombone

            Dan Peck, tuba


State University of New York at Stoney Brook (Stoney Brook, NY)

            Michael Powell, trombone

            Kyle Turner, tuba

Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY)

            Michael Coldren, tuba/euphonium

            Melissa Gardiner, jazz trombone

            William Harris, trombone, euphonium tuba



North Carolina School of the Arts (Winston-Salem, NC) 

            John Ilika, trombone

            Dr. Mark Norman, tuba/euphonium


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Chapel Hill, NC)

            Michael Kris, trombone, euphonium, tuba


University of North Carolina Greensboro (Greensboro, NC) 

            Dr. Randy Kohlenberg, trombone

            Dr. Daniel Rice, trombone

            Dr. Dennis Askew, tuba/euphonium

            Dr. Justin Worley, tuba/euphonium

University of North Carolina Pembroke (Pembroke, NC)

            Dr. Chad Horsley, trombone

            Dr. Joanna Rosse Hersey, tuba/euphonium



North Dakota State University (Fargo, ND)

            Dr. Kyle Mack, trombone

            Doug Neill, tuba/euphonium



Bowling Green University (Bowling Green, OH) 

             Dr. Brittany Lasch, trombone

             David Saltzman, tuba/euphonium

Cleveland Institute of Music  (Cleveland, OH) 

             Randall Hawes, trombone

             Massimo La Rosa, trombone

             Edward Zadrozny, trombone

             Yasuhito Sugiyama, tuba

University of Dayton (Dayton, OH)

            Dr. Chad Arnow, trombone

            Yukitada Onitsuka, tuba/euphonium


Kent State University (Kent, OH)

            David Mitchell, trombone


Oberlin Conservatory of Music (Cleveland, OH) 

            Dr. Lee Allen, trombone

            Dennis Nulty, tuba

Ohio State University (Coumbus, OH)

            James Masters, jazz trombone

            Joseph Rodriguez, trombone

            James Akins, tuba/euphonium

University of Akron (Akron, OH)

            Dr. James Albrecht, trombone

            Dr. Christopher Blaha, tuba/euphonium

             Tucker Jolley, tuba/euphonium

University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (Cincinnati, OH) 

            Peter Norton, trombone

            Timothy Anderson, trombone

            Dr. Timothy Northcut, tuba/euphonium


Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK)

            Paul Compton, trombone

             OSU Trombone Studio


University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK) 

            Dr. Irvin Wagner, trombone

            Brian Dobbins, tuba/euphonium



Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)

           JáTtik Clark, tuba/euphonium

            Carson Keeble, trombone


Portland State University (Portland, OR)

            Dr. Ron Babcock, trombone

            Ben Medler, jazz trombone

University of Oregon (Eugene, OR)

             Henry Henniger, trombone

             UO Trombone Studio

            Michael Grosse, tuba/euphonium




Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia, PA)            

            Blair Bollinger, bass trombone

            Nitzan Haroz, trombone

            Matthew Vaughn, trombone

            Craig Knox, tuba

            Paul Kryzwicki, tuba


Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

            Rebecca Cherian, trombone

           Jeff Dee, bass trombone 

            Craig Knox, tuba

            Lance LaDuke, euphonium

            Peter Sullivan, trombone

Duquesne University (Pittsburgh, PA) 

            Jeff Bush, jazz trombone

            Jeff Deetrombone           

            Dr. Edward Kochertrombone

            James Nova, trombone

            Lance LaDuke, euphonium

            Philip VanOuse, tuba

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Indiana, PA

             Dr. Christian Dickinson, trombone

             Dr. Zach Collins, tuba/euphonium

Penn State University (University Park, PA) 

            Mark Lusk, trombone

            PSU Trombone Studio           

            Velvet Brown, tuba/euphonium


Temple University (Philadelphia, PA) 

            Jarred Antonacci, trombone

            Paul Bryan, trombone

            Eric Carlson, trombone

            Philip McClelland, trombone

            Matthew Vaughn, trombone

            Blair Bollinger, trombone

            Carol Jantsch, tuba

            Jay Krush, tuba/euphonium



University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC) 

            Michael Wilkinson, trombone

            Dr. Ronald Davis, tuba/euphonium




Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro, TN)

            Dr. David Loucky, trombone

            Dr. Chris Combest, tuba/euphonium


Tennessee Tech University (Cookeville, TN) 

            Dr. Joshua Hauser, trombone

            R. Winston Morris, tuba/euphonium


University of Memphis (Memphis, TN)

            Dr. John Mueller, trombone/euphonium

            Dr. Kevin Sanders, tuba/euphonium


University of Tennessee at Knoxville (Knoxville, TN) 

            Dr. Alex van Duuren, trombone

            Alexander Lapins, tuba/euphonium


University of Tennessee at Martin (Martin, TN) 

            Dr. Joseph Frye,trombone

            Dr. Bill Waterman, tuba/euphonium


Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN) 

            Jeremy Wilson, trombone

            VU Tormbone Studio

            Gilbert A Long, tuba



Baylor University (Waco, TX) 

            Brent Phillips, trombone

            Dr. Kent Escelman, tuba/euphonium

Rice University (Houston, TX) 

            Allen Barnhill, trombone

            David Kirk, tuba/euphonium


Southern Methodist Univesrity (Dallas, TX) 

            John Kitzman, trombone

            Matthew Good, tuba/euphonium


Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, TX)

           Dr. David Begnoche, trombone

             Richard Murrow, tuba/euphonium

Texas Lutheran University (Seguin, TX)

            Dr. Evan Sankeytrombone/euphonium

            Keith Robinson, tuba


Texas State University Texas (San Marcos, TX)

             Charles Hurt, trombone 

            Martin McCain, Jr., trombone

              Raúl Rodríguez, tuba/euphonium


Tech University (Lubbock, TX)

             James Decker, trombone

            Dr. Kevin Wass, tuba/euphonium

University of Houston (Houston, TX)

             Brian Kauk, trombone

            Mark Barton, tuba/euphonium

University of North Texas (Denton, TX)            

             Tony Baker, trombone

             Dr. Natalie Mannix, trombone

             Steve Menard, trombone

             Dr. Brian Bowman, euphonium

             Donald Little, tuba


University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX) 

            Dr. Nathaniel Brickens, trombone

            Charles Villarubia,tuba/euphonium




Brigham Young University (Provo, UT)  

            Dr. Will Kimball, trombone

            Dr. Dan Bryce, tuba/euphonium

            Dr. Steven Call, tuba/euphpnium


University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT) 

            Dr. Donn Schaefer, trombone

            Gary Ofenloch, tuba




George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) 

            Dr. Mark Jenkins, euphonium

           Matt Neff, trombone

            Dr. Michael Nickens, tuba


James Madison University (Harrisonburg, VA) 

            Dr. Andy Lankford, trombone

            Kevin J. Stees, tuba/euphonium

University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)

             Nathaniel Lee, trombone




Central Washington University (Ellensburg, WA) 

            Dr. John Neurohr, trombone

            Dr. David McLemore,tuba/euphonium

Washington State University (Pullman, WA)

            Dr. Sarah Miller, trombone 

           Dr. Chris Dickey, tuba/euphonium



Catholic University (Washington, DC) 

             Craig Mulcahy, trombone



West Virginia University (Morgantown, WV) 

             Brian Plitnik, trombone

            Carson McTeer, tuba/euphonium


Lawrence University (Appleton, WI)

             Tim Albright, trombone

             Nick Keelan, trombone

             LU Trombone Studio

            Marty Erickson, tuba/euphonium


University of Wisconsin at Madison (Madison, WI) 

              Mark Hetzler, trombone

              Dr. Tom Curry, tuba/euphonium

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)

               Mark Hoelscher, trombone

               Andy Smith, tuba/euphonium

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