"Sean Reusch is easily one of the finest teachers I have ever known. His commitment to his students, vast knowledge of brass pedagogy and affable persona make him a hit with students of all ages and experience levels. He's a respectful colleague and an imaginative collaborator. Plus, to top it all off, he's simply a great guy!"


Scott Sutherland

Tuba/Piano, Presidio Brass

Artist Teacher of Tuba and Euphonium

University of Redlands

"Sean has an infectious love for people, music, learning, and fun. All these things combine to make him the artist/teacher that I would send my own children to study with. I've seen him work and have worked with a number of his former students. It is clear to me that their work with Sean has helped them to be so professional, well-prepared, earnest, and musical."


Joe Skillen

Tuba/Euphonium Professor

Louisiana State University

"Sean embodies a passion for music and teaching that is simply inspiring. Founded in his extensive experiences as a performer and teacher, Sean's approach to playing trombone never strays away for the goal of facilitating great music making."


John Dally

Music Education

Director of Bands

Point Loma Nazarene University

"Sean has always presented very informative and entertaining masterclasses. His insight into preparation for the young instrumentalist is invaluable as he provides very practical and necessary tips to 'make it' in today's musical landscape."


James Miller

Los Angeles Philharmonic

Trombone Professor at UCLA

"Sean is a dedicated, enthusiastic and highly driven teacher who wants to get the best results possible for all of his many students. His knowledge in regards to technical development is of the highest caliber which can be appreciated when you hear him and his students play. Sean's wealth of experience as a player in all musical genres make him one of those rare examples of someone who can play AND teach at the highest level. Sean has the most warm, thoughtful and friendly personality and any student looking for a wonderful teacher need look no further. It is with absolute pleasure that I recommend Sean as an excellent player, profoundly good teacher and wonderfully blessed human being!"


Greg Spence

International Trumpet Artist


"I've been lucky enough to know Sean Reusch from the very beginning. He is one of the most compassionate, caring, and courageous teachers I know. His wealth of experience with so many different students through the years makes him exceptionally qualified to discuss the basics of being not only a great trombone player, but more importantly a great musician! Be prepared to have a little fun along the way!!"

Mark Lusk

Professor of Trombone

Pennsylvania State University

"The most memorable teachers who have contributed to my career as a student, professional and educator had a unique combination of personal and professional attributes that have specific things in common: all were experts in their field who accepted only excellence; they motivated through example; insisted on a focused work ethic; demanded one's best effort; and, they were personally interested in their students' success.  I can attest that Sean Reusch possesses each of these qualities."

Ken Gammie

Director of Bands

Roosevelt Middle School

"Most trombonists teach their students the same way that they were taught and tend to stay close to those methods and ideas.  A special few become students of both the instrument and the pedagogy, constantly seeking new and better ways to teach and inspire the next generation of trombonists.  Sean Reusch has established himself as a master teacher, constantly seeking ways to sharpen and improve his teaching and playing.  Throughout his career he has been a constant collector of materials, methods and ideas, which he has assembled into this new web resource.  Sean is example that all trombone teachers should strive to emulate."


Dr. Andrew Glendening

Dean and Professor of Trombone

University of Redlands

"Sean Reusch is a master pedagogue who cares deeply about educating younger trombonists.  His students come to college auditions well-prepared and with considerable knowledge about the wider trombone community.  It is no surprise that they are continually successful in the music field!"

Dr. Bruce Tychinski

Professor of Trombone

University of Delaware

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