Learn from the Masters

I hope you enjoy these videos of master teachers.

John Hagstrom,

Second Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony

James Markey,

Bass Trombone of the Boston Symphony and Trombone Professor at New England Conservatory

Wes Funderburk

Michael Mulcahy,

Second Trombone of the Chicago Symphony

and Trombone Professor at Northwestern University.

Joyce DiDonato,

International lyric-coloratura

mezzo-soprano soloist

Arnold Jacobs,

Brass Pedagogue and

Former Tuba of the Chicago Symphony

Ian Bousfield,

International Trombone Soloist and Trombone Professor at Hochschule der Künste in Bern, Switzerland.

Former Principal Trombone of the Vienna Philharmonic

and the London Symphony

Hal Galper,

Jazz Pianist and Pedagogue

Pamela Frank, 

International Violin Soloist and Professor of Violin at the Curtis Insitute

Toby Oft,

Principal Trombone of the Boston Symphony

Trombone Professor at New England Conservatory and Boston Conservatory

Charlie Porter,

Trumpet and Pedagogue

Itzhak Perlman,

International Violin Soloist and teacher

Greg Spence

International Trumpet Artist and Teacher, Creator of Mystery to Mastery

Alex Iles,

International Trombone Artist and Pedagogue

Dr. Tom Gibson,

Trombonist, Conductor, and Teacher

Annie Bosler, horn and pedagogue

How to Practice Effectively....for Just About Anything

Wynton Marsalis

Trumpet Extraordinaire, Teacher, Founder of Jazz at Lincoln Center

Jason Sulliman, bass trombone and pedagogue

Fast Practice Technique

Audition Tips from students at the

Curtis Institute of Music

Dr. Don Greene, Peak Performance Expert

Peak Performance

Normon Bolter, trombone and pedagogue

Embouchure and Air

David Kim,

Concertmaster with the Philadelphia Orchestra Practice Techniques

Victor Wooten

Music is a Language

Sarah Willis

MRI Chamber Music

James Wilt

Brass Chats

Joe Alessi

Brass Chats

Ray Brown Masterclass

Warming Up with Chris Crenshaw and Elliot Mason

Major Scale Workout with Nick Finzer

James Markey

Air/Embouchure Fundamentals

Toby Oft

Practice and Audition Tips

Andy Martin and Wayne Bergeron

Seth Godin

Live at Carnegie Hall

Caleb Hudson

Patrick Sheridan

Julie Landsman

Brené Brown

Jeremy Wilson - Preparing a Piece with Body, Mind, Spirit

Jeremy Wilson - Body

Jeremy Wilson - Mind

Jeremy Wilson - Spirit

Dion Tucker

Dion Tucker

Dion Tucker

Dion Tucker

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